Design wall Monday 12/6/2010

I'm working diligently on the crayon quilt from the guild blocks. I finished putting the triple sashing on two sections of two rows. I have most of the next section finished, just need to sash the last row and sew on both sashings. I thought I would be saving myself time by making triple sashing, then using snowball cornerstones with those fast triangle corners (sew a square across on the diagonal). I really don't like doing triangles that way, and I don't like them any better now. It's fussy to match the corner to the sashing, and I hate points not lining up. I like the effect, though, and the first border of red is part of the sashing. I think I'm adding one more border of crayons, then it will be a finished flimsy.
These four blocks are still on the edge, and are the next project to work on. I was using it for leader/enders until I changed to dark thread for the crayon quilt. They are for DGD#1 - the pink and purple princess room - but it is doubtful I will finish it for Christmas.

Part of my time has been spent helping my friend JoAnne learn to quilt on my long-arm. She is making flannel quilts with soft, soft minkee-type backings. She's really doing well on turning out nicely done, square, soft quilts. She wants me to try the backing, but I have 50 quilts to finish yet before I can buy again.
Happy Quilting, Becky

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Mary said…
Pretty triple sashing strips! So bright for a fun quilt. Looks like confetti. I see that it's crayons though when I clicked the picture.
Teaquilts said…
Your crayon quilt is to pretty. I love the twisting and the corner stones.
Charlene S said…
50! Wow. You really gave yourself a task before you can get more. I like that method of triangles on the corners because I hate to miter.

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