2nd finish on 50 quilt challenge

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This is the baby quilt I finished yesterday. It was started about 6-7 years ago by my friend that embroidered the blocks. She had made two sets of them, and we both started making  quilt tops at the same time one Sunday afternoon. We were having fun- good memories of a group of us meeting at my house on Sunday afternoons –and were making matching quilts. JA trimmed her corner squares too small,  gave up and threw the quilt in the corner. I put it away until last year, then added the strip around the outer corners to finish the quilt.

It has been waiting for quilting for a long time. I wanted to be able to do something that would show off the embroidery. A few months ago we bought the Circle Lord radiating lines template for Black Bart (the long-arm). It took me quite a while to quilt as I was learning how to place it. It is an 18” template on a 24” table. I ended up having to move the quilt  to match template placement instead of vice versa, like I usually do. I liked how it turned out, even If I can’t backtrack as well as I like yet.

When JA saw it after quilting, she asked who it was for – no one in particular – so she said I could give it back to her. I said I’d think about it.

JA’s oldest son has been trying for a baby for at least 10 years. Her DIL carried one pregnancy for 7 months, then had a stillbirth. She has had several more miscarriages over the years, using assisted fertility or what ever it is called. She is once again pregnant, and is having testing done every week to try to bring this pregnancy to a good outcome. If it does, I will indeed give this quilt back to JA so she can label it for the granddaughter (they know the sex). I so hope and pray for a good outcome. The whole family needs it!

This quilt counts as one of my 50 quilts from stash challenge. I’m now at 2! I need to make and sew binding on one more quilted item, so I’ll have at least one more finish before the end of the year.

I do have one more project to hopefully finish before Christmas Eve, but it’s not too big. I finally cut the pieces that need a bit of embroidery and gave them to JA 2 days ago. I can’t do anything else until that is finished. If I don’t finish it for Christmas this year, there is always next year!

Happy quilting, Becky


Helen in the UK said…
Congrats on your second challenge finish! Lovely to hear the story behind it and sending lots of good wishes for your friend's DIL and the baby :)

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