Design wall Monday 11/22/2010

I decided today to take pictures of all the projects on the design walls - DH said design table was not "proper" so I put them all up on the board. The above picture is of the bright blocks from the guild. I've finished "twisting" them - first in black to even up the sizes, then the brights I picked last week. The black and white strip between (actually over) the space between the first and second columns is auditioning as a thin edging for the blocks, which I will probably make as triple sashing and cornerstones. The crayon fabric will be the center of the triple sashing. I enjoy making blocks, but assembly is not my favorite. I'm really working at just finishing up this top so I can say it is done (I don't have to quilt it).
This second picture is of some blocks I made while taking Bonnie Hunter's Cathedral Star workshop earlier this year. This is all the blocks that are assembled, but I have lots of progress on the component parts. I was doing them as leader / enders until I changed to dark thread to make the bright blocks above.

These blocks are on the design wall across from me, behind Black Bart. They were leftovers of another flimsy that I cut stack and whack style. I made the last 5 blocks as rewards to myself for completing quilting the last two projects. They aren't sewn together yet, and I was auditioning the navy for a wide border. I want to finish these up so I can practice making large circles with the Circle Lord. Just for fun, these were cut as matching blocks. I've put them up on the wall with the mustard block next to the matching navy blocks. No one will probably care but me, but I like to put a touch of unexpected in my quilts.
At the bottom of the main design wall are the Halloween blocks my friend JoAnne embroidered for me. I'm thinking about how to set them. They might look good twisted with orange, black, and gold Halloween fabric. She is such an artist. While the embroidery is excellent in its own right, she has also shaded in the various items in the blocks - the pumpkins, hat, house, etc. This quilt will stay with me - no DGC will appreciate all this artistry.

At the very bottom of the design wall are the "blocks" my DGD#2 makes while we are in the sewing room - and she sometimes slips in when I'm not there. She has permission to use scraps from one bin, and is learning to cut with scissors, and then paste them on construction paper. She found some stickers that she especially likes that she included as well. Last week she spread purple glue over part of the design wall, which mostly washed off. That's better than green and yellow watercolor paint that DGS painted on my design wall in my other house.

Sorry about the long post, but I also use this as a journal of my projects.
Happy Quilting, Becky


Charlene S said…
Ah, our DGC had their own touches to all parts of our lives. My youngest DGD plays with my scraps. She gets me to embroider her name all over them. My DGD#1 won't sew but has a bag of fabric that is "hers" in the room. My DGSs #8 & #9 have quilts ready for geema to finish for them. i was too slow getting them one of their own so they went to camp to learn how to piece. They touch us in many ways.
Amy said…
Becky, I love your winding ways blocks. The stack and whack make it look very intricate.
Sheila said…
Your winding ways is so cute! I love that you did it S&W style. Very clever.

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