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Design wall Monday 11/22/2010

I decided today to take pictures of all the projects on the design walls - DH said design table was not "proper" so I put them all up on the board. The above picture is of the bright blocks from the guild. I've finished "twisting" them - first in black to even up the sizes, then the brights I picked last week. The black and white strip between (actually over) the space between the first and second columns is auditioning as a thin edging for the blocks, which I will probably make as triple sashing and cornerstones. The crayon fabric will be the center of the triple sashing. I enjoy making blocks, but assembly is not my favorite. I'm really working at just finishing up this top so I can say it is done (I don't have to quilt it).
This second picture is of some blocks I made while taking Bonnie Hunter's Cathedral Star workshop earlier this year. This is all the blocks that are assembled, but I have lots of progress on the component parts. I was doing…

A Christmas wall hanging


Design Wall Monday 11/15/10

This is what is on my design table today. They are blocks made by various guild members from the patterns that were distributed at last year's quilt show. That was the last one KC guild will have at Crown Center. We had patterns for blocks that people could collect from the participating shops. In the past then these patterns were made into blocks, and then assembled in a quilt that served as a door prize as visitors filled out slips to be drawn at the end of the show. I was asked to assemble the quilt for this year's show.
As expected, the blocks that are supposed to be 8-1/2" unfinished range from 7-3/4" to 9-1/2". I pulled out my well used copy of Sharon Craig'sSetting Solutions, and decided that the quickest way to fix these was to do a double or triple twist. I liked the look of some of the other ideas, but I don't get to keep this quilt, so quick, but still good looking, won out. Remember, I have a personal challenge to make 50 quilts from stash bef…

Trying for Mr Linky

This is a test of Mr Linky.