Design wall Monday 10/25/10

Don't faint that I am finally posting a blog update. I haven't been sewing very much - babysitting, sick, yard, etc. You know the drill. I did have a finish. Above is the Drunkard's Path quilt that a now deceased quilter left as a UFO. I don't know the lady; 4 UFOs came my way via my SIL. The quilter must have had time to put things in "dying order" as all the parts are together with little index cards with her plans on them. These drunkard's path blocks were with muslin squares that would have made an every other square setting. The problem I found was that the muslin was cut to what the block was supposed to measure, not what it did measure. She had sewn one set together, and the pieced block was gathered to fit the muslin. I decided to just set the pieced blocks together, and actually pieced it together by hand! I haven't done that in a while. The top sat languishing until a call from DSIL asking if I had one UFO finished for the the Charity auction, so I busily sewed on a triple border and quilted it on Black Bart with the CL spirals.
This second quilt has been a top for a long time. We just purchased a Circle Lord sunburst template for Black Bart. It was the first time I had used the frame since I purchased Black Bart (new Nolting table). It worked so well. What an improvement in the table. This quilt looks good from this distance but I have some backtracking issues, so no close-ups. CL is working on a frame that can be used from the front of the machine, and that would certainly make doing this type of quilting easier. I do love the effect. This one is awaiting binding.
This last one is the design wall special. This came from donated Chinese Coins (HeartStrings). My DFF called it an ugly quilt until I sashed it, now she is suggesting I donate to a church here in Blue Springs for their fund-raising event. I still need to add borders, then this will be a very large queen, or a king if they don't have too thick of mattress.

As you can tell, I found my camera - buried on the cutting table. I really need to work more systematically so I don't pull WHIMMs and stack them on the cutting table.
Happy Quilting, Becky


Chris said…
They are all wonderful. I really like the Drunkard's Path.
Teaquilts said…
Like your DP quilt. That's my next 2-fabric quilt to make.
Gari said…
All of your quilts are great and all so different. And I thought that stacking stuff on the cutting table was what you should do. Am I wrong?
Bonnie said…
I agree with Gari -- you mean stuff isn't suppose to be on the cutting table?

Becky your quilts are great. And, boy, you sure make me want a circle lord. (Hum, Christmas is coming...) I can't see anything wrong with your Disney characters quilt and I clicked on it to make it bigger. Looks great to me. Bonnie...

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