50 quilts from stash before buying any fabric

Oh, my, I've done it now. Over on the Stashbuster Yahoo Group I posted a personal challenge to finish 50 quilts from my stash without buying any fabric except WOW for backgrounds. I'm even NOT buying backings, but using up all I have, then piecing the rest! Now others want to join in!!

It all started with a discussion with DH about how I thought I could make 500 quilts from the fabric in the house. I thought that was too high a number for a goal, so brought it down to 50. I have a database in Excel that I use to track UFO's, and I listed 34 that needed finishing, so I think I can do both - finish UFO's and work on WHIMMs (works hidden in my mind). The finished quilts can be any size, from doll (or miniature) size, on up to HUGE.

When I have more time, I'll figure out how to set up a Mr Linky so others can report finishes as well, or some other way for others to report their numbers.

There's no time limit, I just can't buy anymore fabric until 50 quilts are finished. I plan to include charity quilts in that number, as they take up fabric. I'm starting today, although my first finish won't occur for a few days.

Good luck if you are joining in - please leave a comment so we know you're with us!

Happy Quilting, Becky


Debbi said…
Becky, I've been following this thread over on Stashbusters wondering who started it. I'm in, no more fabric purchases until I finish 50 quilts from stash. I'm going to allow purchases that enable me to finish the quilt. I don't think I'll put a time frame on it, but I'll consider Nov. 1 as a starting date and I'm going to include anything that I finish be it a UFO or new project. Think I might start keeping my blog again as a way to keep track...guess I have to find it again! Thanks for the challenge!
marilyn said…
I'm in! I could easily make 500 quilts from my stash. I don't have to buy fabric, as people call me and bring me fabric pretty much every other week. In the last month, I have gotten two phone calls and had fabric dropped off at my house as well. I also have friends helping me work through my stash, but still it gets bigger by the day. I need some motivation to get back working as I haven't felt well for the last month. Octobers seem to be rough on me :( But, for what it's worth, I'm here with you, cheering you on and ready to get to work!
Helen in the UK said…
What a great challenge!! I won't be joining in on this one, but I'll be a cheerleader! When I work out how much fabric has been used up by making a quilt I'm always surprised how little it is, but I'm sure 50 quilts will make a dent in your stash - take a before and after picture! Go Becky :)
Cherie in MN said…
I came here from Stashbuster's and I am joining your challenge to make 50 quilts from my stash. I recently learned that a quilt top will fit in a shoe box, gives me a new perspective on my stash...
Stacey said…
Hi Becky, I am here from Stashbusters too!! I made a challenge last year for my string quilts which I donate to Soldier's Angels and MOM4RMarines. I also made a blog for this: String Thing Challenge

There are 100 babies born a month just to Marine families. Can you believe it? SO I have dedicated myself to making quilts for these special babies.

Your challenge is just what I need to get me going at a faster pace and get more done. Thanks for hosting this.

Any of ya'll want to come over and see my progress? Click on over.

Happy Quilting

Driving Miss Stacey
Sew Far Sew Good Quilt Shop
Kathy said…
Hi...I am going to join you challenge too. I have so much fabric it falls out of its home im my closet...It needs to get sewn into a quilt and be given away. Mayge we shoud share names of patterns that work well for getting rid of material..well not lots of it..but I do have names of great qulilt blocks that i love to do..
1. hanky panky
2. bright hopes
3. magic 9 patch

I will post pictuers of these when i get them finnished...

Bobbi in AL said…
I'm in Stashbusters too, and I've been sitting on the fence about this, there is no doubt I have enough fabric for 500 quilts, so I should be able to get 50 done. I've got plenty of UFO's to get me going and there is no shortage of quilts already in my head.

Bobbi in AL
Michelle said…
Okay, I think I'm in. I'm going to try and see how many little quilts I can get done before I cave in and resume my hunt for thrift store scrap bags.

Can I just say I'm not going to buy yardage?
Becky Wolsk said…
This challenge is such a good idea. To spread the word, I just blogged about it at www.textislepatchworkblog.com in conjunction with a charity effort that's running from Nov. 15 to Dec 15th called 100 Quilts For Christmas (luckily that number is the group goal).
Happy stashbusting to all of you!
Becky from
Patty said…
I'm in! I need this to get the piles down. Every time I go somewhere I come home with more fabric and more WHIMM!
Pictures are being taken this night of my sewing area. I can hardly move in there! I will count any item that has quilting and uses fabric including purses and bags I want make. Can they count in your challenge? This should get me going! Besides the first blizzard hit MT today and going to town is not a good idea.

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