Vacation - Colorado 2010

Balancing Rock, Garden of the Gods, near (or in) Colorado Springs (above and below).

Soda fountain in Fair Play - buildings c1890s.
Red Rock canyon, looking up to amphitheater.

What do these pictures have in common? They are all in Colorado. We had a good time seeing different areas of the state. I had only been on I-70 or US40 or 50 on previous trips. It was a drive-thru state on the way to California. This time we were off the interstates. We followed several old train routes through the state, finding road beds, roundhouses, mines, and quilt shops! We rode the loop narrow gauge railroad, but were unable to ride the one through the Gorge because of forest fires.

I found out that breathing and moving (at the same time) at 9,000 feet and above is difficult. I loved the moment we drove over the crest of mountains and saw South Park. I had no idea there was that much area in Colorado that wasn't mountains. We were in a cauldera when we visited Cripple Creek and Victor, old gold mining towns. They were having Donkey races the day we visited!

The only part I really didn't relish was driving across Kansas, both coming and going. We stopped at one KS quilt shop on the way to CO, and had planned to stop in one on the way back, but it was closed by the time we reached Salina, KS. I was very, very glad to cross the river into MO, and to sleep that night in my own bed! Hotels, and Bed and Breakfasts are fine for a while, but "there's no place like home". It was, however, beautiful scenery!

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