QOV, Baptist fans quilting, snow crystal top

Today I finished up quilting the last of my tops made from HeartStrings Red, White and Blue Chinese Coins. With all the straight lines and squares in the top, I decided to borrow Baptist Fan templates for the Circle Lord, and use those. I like how it softens the quilt. I used a decorator 100% cotton sateen on the back. I even took time to match up the pattern when I seamed the backing. This way it is more reversible. This one will be traveling to Alycia's QOV project whenever I finish the binding on it and on the Funky Caterpillar one.

This was supposed to be the end of Chinese Coins for me; I had given the rest of them to another piecer at the HeartStrings Nebraska Sew-in who was making them into QsOV from that area. However, when I was cleaning the quilt room, I found a box that had some more that Susan had brought over with a lot of other fabric and blocks. I'm not sure if I will sew these up, but there are people in my guild that will be happy to work on them to donate locally.

I have another challenge which I would like some advice on, please. These are pictures of some of the snow crystal blocks in a quilt top I was given to finish up. It was made by a now deceased quilter from New York. The picture on the left has a spool of thread that I put through the hole in the center of the block. The right one shows the "B cup" that is present on a lot of them. The whole top is made of polyester blends. Does anyone had any ideas about quilting this without having to remake every center? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

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