UFO Start and finish, almost

Black Bart is holding up 4 doll quilts I'm finishing up today. The outer two are just double-sided quilted fabric with a binding started on them. There is a pillow to match. The two center ones are made from the cut-offs left of flannel fat quarters when I cut out a Rag Quilt for my friend with CP. I had been moving them around, and around; there wasn't any one spot for them, and I didn't want to put them away (where?) and forget about the stack. They ended up next to a yard of ladybug flannel DD bought and wanted me to make into dolly blankies. Yesterday I just sat down and sewed the strips together, loaded the ladybug fabric on Black Bart, and quickly quilted them. I used some of that really thin batting, and even figured out how to make it work with only one seam in it. When I completed the quilts, I cut them away from the flannel, trimmed the flannel into two dolly blankies, then thought about binding. I found a fat quarter of a solid lavender, cut it into bias binding, and sewed the strips together.

Today when I went into the room, I started applying binding by machine, then saw the pieces of quilted fabric, so decided to bind them, too. They are all now by my chair to be hand sewn while watching TV. (I also hemmed the edges of the left-over ladybug fabric.) I made the little pillow out of the last scrap of quilted fabric as well. Now DGD#1 won't have to remind me again about finishing them. She had hung them up in the dining room so I wouldn't "forget" about them. It was really nice just to be able to load them on Bart and quilt them without planning a time to go down the street, etc. I'm thinking it might be worth it to be so crowded in the "hobby room" to have such easy access to Bart. Oh, yes, I did use the LeaderGrips, and it took about 3 minutes to load the backing, less than a minute to take the quilts off!
Happy Quilting, Becky


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