Introducing Black Bart - my quilting place

Black Bart has arrived and is ready to quilt! A friend has already put Bart through his paces, and quilted a baby quilt. Making room for Bart has been quite an experience, and time consuming, but the quilting place is finally ready for sewing again.

Black Bart needed additional lighting. DH installed new track lighting (instead of the non-functional one previously there), as there really isn't room for the Nolting light bar frame. Does anyone out there need a 14' free-standing light bar? If you don't have a long-arm machine, it would be good for growing hanging plants!

My design wall behind Bart is becoming just a display station, as it is really not accessible and I would just knock any blocks down with my backside.

My piecing space changed as well. There is now shared space in front of my sewing table. The table scoots back when using Bart, and is pushed back out for sewing. I haven't figured out the power part. There is a floor plug in front of the table, but the cord is VERY easy to trip over. Right now I just unplug it whenever I stop piecing. The book cases also needed rearranging. The far left one now holds current books, and the rest of them retired to the bedroom.

The small white book shelves are now in the Batting closet, which has been vacated by coats and tablecloths that are now in the front coat closet. I love that I now have space to store batting without it falling all over the quilting room. I've measured and "bagged" the smaller pieces for use on smaller projects. When I accumulate enough of one type, I do join them to make a bigger batt.

are a few casualties in the move to accommodate Black Bart. The table for the DGC to "work" on is right now sitting in the dining room, with the ottoman full of dress-up clothes taking up space in the living room. The dining room is full of doll beds, but I have a plan for a sliding platform to live under Black Bart for the dollies, beds, clothes, etc. I just need to finish the computer desk we are building downstairs first. Sometimes my hobbies collide - woodworking and quilting both take quite a bit of time, but the woodworking is something I enjoy doing with DH. DH also lost space in the quilting room. His desk was pushed back to make room to walk around Bart.

Enough for now. I'm off to actually work on the braid quilt I started in Bonnie Hunter's class a few weeks ago. Once you start each braid correctly, it doesn't take much concentration, which is a good thing since I keep mulling over how I can make more room in my quilting place.
Happy Quilting, Becky


Helen in the UK said…
Welcome to Black Bart!! Great to see how he's fitting into your room. Look forward to seeing how you two pair up and start creating quilted beauties :)

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