Design wall Monday 6/14/10

Today Bart is modeling the last of the R-W-B Chinese Coins that HeartStrings made a long while ago. This one is in the Funky Caterpillar pattern (link on sidebar). I just love the texture that the Spiral templates give it. I remembered to take a half-way break, but I think my feet want me to take 2 days to do this much. This one will go to Alycia for her QOV project when it is finished.

I'm still loving the LeaderGrips for loading and unloading. I watched their video again, and noted that they clamp the end of the dowels so they don't roll away. I did it, and it works! I still really like not having any pins involved. I was always catching myself on them, and bleeding on the quilt!

The battery in my camera just went dead, or I would show you a fun little UFO I made to the flimsy stage yesterday. When hunting in the 2" square scrap bin, I found some little 4-patch "Posies" blocks - cut long before there was anything called a 4-patch Posy. They were left over from a stack and whack type 6" stars quilt that I made a long time ago, but only gave away last year for a special person's baby. I used to save left-over parts and pieces together until I made a reminder quilt. I now have one for that. It is about 15" x 18" and just needs a bit of quilting now. Hopefully I will remember a new battery for the camera before I finish it!

Happy Quilting, Becky


Chris said…
Great pattern. I love the movement of the quilt.
Bonnie said…
So how about a picture or three of your leader grips. Once Ruthie is put back together I will probably get those grips. It seems like such a good idea.

Loved the dolly quilts... so sweet. And one of these days i'll make that coin quilt. It really is nifty. B.
Helen in the UK said…
Great job on the quilt and the quilting :)

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