State of the stash, May 2010

The photos on the left are of my stash, which I had just straightened, in January, 2008. The right pictures are of the current stash, not straightened. The shelves appear to be relatively unchanged, but that isn't true. I have nearly used up at the flannels-a goal for 2009. The blue stacks were decimated for quilts of valor through HeartStrings, and the purples are down to one stack. The unruly stack on the top right, is my backings, which used to be stored on the top of the fat quarter shelves, below.

The fat quarter shelves have also changed. (The missing bin in the left picture was out on the cutting table.) The top of the shelves now contain 3 large boxes that were previously stored in the garage. The red, white, blue patriotic bin has gone the way of Quilts of Valor, including the huge stack of fabric that Rose gave me. What I didn't sew myself, was donated at a Heartstrings Sew-In.

fluff on the cutting table is bridal netting, in the process of being sewn to headbands and small tiaras (Hobby Lobby had a 50% off all bridal items) for use as princess dress-up items for the two DGD's. I haven't figured out where I am putting the dress-up clothes now that the Nolting long-arm is up here in this room. I started to post a picture of it, but DH said I had to take one with him leaning on it, since he did so much work on it (he's not home right now). The machine now glides so easily. I'm ready to load something to try it out. The new Nolting tables are powder-coated, so the rails/wheels glide very smoothly. The new flat top will make using the Circle Lord so much easier. Now if I can just keep the tension and stitch right!

I hope you've enjoyed a look at my stash. I'll post some pictures of the other parts of the room in a few days. If you want to see the room as it looked in 2008, here is a link
to my webshots album.
Happy Quilting,


Anonymous said…
I really think that your stash is well organized for colour and I definately could find something I needed. It's not A+ neat but most quilters don't work that way. A lot of us would probably be willing to trade our organization for yours. Just enjoy your fabric and happy stitching.

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