Ready and waiting

Someone attending MQS (machine quilters' showcase) today, and tomorrow, is using my new 12' Nolting table. We took apart our 14' table today, and tomorrow after class will drive over to Overland Park, KS and exchange them, for a fee. I hope I am going to like having the machine up here where I can have breaks when working on it, but it does make a tight fit for the room. Where am I supposed to put all this?

Underneath all this is my cutting table. I hope to see the top of it soon after we assemble the long-arm. I hated giving up my closets when we built/moved to this house. If I would finish some UFO's it would help. I hope I have room under the table to fill it with "rolly" carts. The DGC have 2, and the pink bin of dress-up clothes. There are also dolly beds, etc. Then I have 2 big rolls of batting, plus some packages. Ugh, I don't think I'll like the next few days.

I do plan to stop the rearranging on Wednesday to go to the Vendor sale at MQS. I need to stock up on Superior Thread for the coming year. It is so neat to see all the threads out on tables instead of just looking at a sample card. Then there are all the quilts to see . . . . It looks to be an interesting week!
Happy quilting,

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