Update on basket blocks UFO

I asked for suggestions for settings of 49 of these basket blocks. I worked up 3 in EQ. I still didn't like the blocks, no matter what I did with them. I just no longer "love" blues and mauves". I did what any self-respecting quilter would do - I sent them to someone who wanted them so she could finish it and donate the quilt to a worthy cause. It's one way to finish 15 year old UFO's.

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Judy said…
That was a very smart thing to do. Instead of tormenting yourself with something you don't love. I've also been keeping track of what I spend on quilting....my month's total is not pretty! Those girls and their new books! ;-)
Becky, what a wonderful thing to do. Somebody's going to be very happy with the basket quilt. Hooray for you and the Stash Busting Report! I scared myself too when I realized how much I've spent this year so far.
Bonnie said…
Hi Becky -- good for you for giving away something you don't like anymore. Do you really want to know how much you've spent??? I'm being really conservative on fabric. But notions, books, stuff for the longarm... probably not so much! But I really don't want to find out!
Ok, just looking at the quilting on your header -- was that a panto? stencil? ruler? Today I played with a cute little cloud ruler that might actually look like that if I had more room to play with it and thought about how I wanted it to overlap. Oh well. Keep on busting that stash via mail, sewing or giving away! B.

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