Stash report- Week 7

What's a girl supposed to do? It's been about 3 months since I visited a quilting store. I finally was told to start walking longer distances than just in the house, with support. The support could be a shopping cart! It was also Super Bowl weekend sales. I couldn't drive yet, so I just had to go wherever my friend took me. At the first shop (Eudora, KS) I picked up the fabrics in the left picture. Two of the greens are for stash (I sure use a lot of those lately), but the rest are for projects (UFOs) that I hope to work on soon. The second shop (Lee's Summit, MO), I definitely needed to add a few batiks for the Timberline Log Cabin bin to fill in fabrics with a little more blue that green. I don't want it exactly like the Opportunity Quilt I worked on. The right picture is 12 yards of wonderful fabric I bought through Stashbuster Fling-it. I couldn't resist these fabrics for $3-4 a yard.

DH helped me set up a spreadsheet similar to Judy L's
The results weren't very good for Stashbusting:

Stash report
Added this week (or so) 31.5 Yards

Used this week- 0.125 of fairy fabric to put hearts on DGD#1's shirt for Valentine's Day.

Knee update

On a personal note, my ortho doc injected my hip, which relieved the bursitis and sciatica, which included the bulk of the foot pain; the new orthotics for my shoes arrived last Friday, so I have been able to stop using a cane, start driving short distances, and certainly have an improved outlook on life. I still need to work on strengthening the new knee, but at least things are improving. I did cancel attending the Guild Quilt Retreat next weekend, as I still haven't been able to sew at the machine yet, though I plan to practice on that this week. Maybe next year. I should be in good shape to attend the HeartStrings NE sew-in in March. I'm really looking forward to it.

Happy Quilting,

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Penny said…
It is hard to use up stash when you can't sew. I hope your body continues to heal and you will soon be able to have a personal relationship with your sewing machine again. I bet it misses you. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about your hip and foot problems. At least you have good reason for low stashbusting numbers. Soon you'll be sewing and using all those lovely fabrics you bought. Get well soon. Dar
Mary said…
I hope the relief from the injection is long lasting!

I'm really looking forward to the NE sew-in too!

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