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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

please help with settings

If you look at my previous post, you will see the basket blocks (UFO) that I want to set. I have 49 baskets. I've played with it in EQ, and came up with these 3 settings. The first is with plain blocks, changing color to "border". The second is baskets set on point with sashing. I had a suggestion for triple sashing with nine-patch cornerstones which sounds good, I just don't know how to draw it in EQ. The 3rd choice is a strippy quilt. I couldn't draw the baskets on point, so you just see square in a square blocks. The borders on all three are not accurate at all. I couldn't find a lavender and blue fabric to use.

Please leave a comment on which set you recommend! Thanks for your input.
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Kim said...

My eyes are drawn to the second layout, but it might have a lot to do with using the dark fabric for a border. I really like the third layout though. I'm a lot of help, aren't I? LOL

Anonymous said...

I ike the one with the dark border as well. balances the dark of the baskets.

Mary said...

#2 is my choice. Baskets always look best on Point and sashed. #3 is interesting too.

Lois said...

My vote would be for setting #1 as it gives the eye places to wander. I also agree with the dark border of #2 - but I think it's because of practicality - dirt you know! Still voting primarily for setting #1!

Tamera said...

I think I like #2 the best.

Anonymous said...

I like the look of #2 with the blocks set on point and the dark border.

Susan R.

Margeeth said...

I also like #2 with the baskets on point and a brown border best.
#3 could be interesting if you would have a nice borderfabric for the strips between the baskets.

Michelle said...

I like the second one best, mostly because I'm not in love with plain setting squares -- but the changing colors in the first layout could change my mind! The third layout is my least favorite, but it's not bad either.

How unhelpful is that?

Jeanne said...

I like the second choice the best.