design wall monday 2/15/10

Very old UFO
This is one of my oldest UFO's. I made a shop sample of a basket quilt that had appliqued handles. The quilt shop owner said I could keep the leftover fabric, so I made another set of baskets. There are 49 blocks. I didn't want to applique all the handles, so changed it to a pieced handle. That changed the finish block size to 6.5". I later bought more of the blue flowers that is in the center of the big picture, and I found border fabric and have about 2 yards of that.

I really need help with a setting for these. I took them out of the box where they have lived for about 15 years, and found some yellow fabric, and some squares of lavender fairy fabric cut for setting squares. When I put them up on the wall as a straight on point setting, it didn't work at all. So now I moved them to a medallion setting, and they still don't speak to me. Perhaps it is the blue and mauve I liked so much at one time, but not so much now. Please feel free to comment with any ideas for a setting.

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Mary said…
The baskets need to be on point because of the orientation of them...what to do? Maybe a small defining sashing between the blocks and border with the pretty fabric in the middle.
Krista said…
What about turning some of them? So you set 4 in a group, with the basket bases all oriented towards the center. And then you could either work out from that center in rings oriented in the same fashion. Or do groupings of 4, maybe with sashing between them.
Quilter Kathy said…
How about alternating a plain block, either the blue or the white with the basket blocks?
Anonymous said…
I think these would look great with three rail pieced sashing with nine patch cornerstones. If you don't like it so much anymore, someone at a women's shelter would love it. Sharon
Mary said…
I love the baskets but not sure I like the settings as much. One of these day's I'm going to do a basket quilt!

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