Christmas gift quilts

I finished all 6 quilts for Christmas - only two of them needed the binding turned after Christmas. The first one is for my nephew and niece, they have been joining us for Christmas for a long time. They kept wishing that one of the large gift bags was for them, and this year it came true. This is my Stashbuster Sunshine "Ugly" fabric challenge quilt. It ended up 120" by 120", so it will cover their King bed nicely. They asked how I knew the colors. I laughed and told them I was going to tell them to buy a can of paint if it didn't match their decor.
The next one is for D Niece #2 - the one that came the day after thanksgiving for pillowcase day. That was the day I learned that she no longer liked pink, so I made this one in the next few weeks. It is made from Judy L's Freeze frame pattern. Thanks for the free pattern. It was one of her "hour a day" projects, and I think she had it timed about right for me. I did enlarge the borders, both the inside ones and the outside ones to make it fit a twin bed better. One comment was that they really liked the geometrics of it. I used all of the fabrics she chose for her two pillowcases, and added to them. The color isn't true - it is brighter.

The next quilt is DGD#2's. It is a quick stashbuster pattern from Fat Quarters. I added to its length for tall DSIL. It is backed with minkee - they love it.

This one I have been referring to as the secret project. It is made out of fabrics DD and DSIL brought back from their trip to Hawaii. I quilted it freehand, and it has so much quilting that it is somewhat stiff. The white and black island toile is part poly, and that didn't help. I still have other fabric they brought back to play with for at least one more quilt. The corners of this one have rolling star blocks.

The next one was made from a jelly roll and a fat quarter bundle that DH gave me for Christmas a year or 2 ago. I originally made it for the great niece on the right in the picture, until I learned that she no longer had pink in her room. Her older sister was delighted to receive it.

The cabin in the woods quilt I made for my son. I hadn't made him a cuddle quilt of his own since making his comforters when he was about 11 - they still use them. I made this out of what was supposed to be the last of my flannel, and backed it with outing flannel.

The last one I made was for DH. He is always borrowing my flannel rag quilt, so I decided to make him one of his own from a bunch of flannel Rose gave me. Since I ruined the washing machine with some other rag quilts, I just finished this like a regular quilt. It was much easier to bind it that to trim all that flannel for the ragged edge. I started it about noon on the 23rd, and had it done for Christmas Eve-except the binding being turned. I finished that up a few days ago, and it was put into use immediately.

Personally, I'm 3 weeks post total knee surgery. This time the knee is doing much better since they gave me other people's platelets before, during, and after surgery. I had minimal bruising instead of a leg full of blood like last time. This time they gave me a pain med that I specifically said I had problems with, so I had three days of hallucinations until DH and a nurse friend intervened on my behalf. I ended up being in the hospital a full week because of it. Supposedly there are multiple checks of allergies, where I had the drug listed, but they still gave it to me. I do plan to ask questions of their administration how this could have happened. It is really scary to think about patients who don't have an advocate looking out for them. I'm doing my physical therapy, and hopefully will be out of the walker, etc, very soon.

I've only been in the quilting room one day, and manage to do in the iron. I knew it was close to dying, and cleaning it killed it. It also killed the ironing board cover. I really hate that. I had found a decent model without an automatic turn-off, with lots of steam holes. I hope they still make that model. It lasted a couple of years, which for me is good with all the use it gets.
Happy Quilting,

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Ooh Becky! Didn't know you were have total knee replacement. More than one? I've had my left one done twice now. Still isn't right. Hope your recovery goes well. I'd sure take it up with them about the meds. That's dangerous!
all the quilts turned out beautiful! Wish I was so prolific!
Anonymous said…
JuJu said…
Wow Becky!!! You really out did yourself! Each quilt is special. Hubby looks very handsome and happy too! Glad you are recoving well. I'd be asking questions at the hosptial also. Keep getting better, hope you can come to the NE Sew-in in March.

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