using up flannel - NOT

A while ago, I decided to use up all my flannel. I made the Big star quilt out of flannel, and used up all of the left-overs in the Cabin in the Woods. I do have a panel of houses that is flannel, and a bit of flannel to finish that with, but other than that, it was all gone. I even had cut out a flannel rag blanket out of baby fabric, and given it to MM to make.
Yesterday I was quilting down at my friend's and she had decided to take care of her little "piles" of stuff. She decided she should look at the pile of flannels. She found one with a note (directions) on a piece, it was dated 2001. She decided it was time to get rid of that stack, then decided to get rid of the whole thing! She put it all in two bags and gave it to me - even carried it to my car. I think I need to have another kid sew-in and everyone needs to make rag quilts! I certainly have plenty of batting scraps they can use up. Hmmm, I wonder if I'll feel up to it for Martin Luther King Day. I haven't put away the sewing machines from the pillowcase day. I keep thinking good thoughts about how much better it is going to be for this Total knee than the last one.

Happy quilting, Merry Christmas,
Happy Holidays whatever they might be,


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