Design wall Monday, 12/13/ 2009

The design walls are mainly empty this week. Everything is past the design wall stage except the flash frame. One quilt is completely finished, another has binding on one side, but will have to be hand-sewn on the other. The Cabin in the Woods is being prepared to use Judy L's method of sewing the back from the front, and borders are going on the "Ugly Fabric Sampler". The secret project is down the street, ready to go on the quilting frame. I'm trying to finish everything by the 15th, except bindings, and I will be cutting it close. I don't mind working on them later, I just have a lot of Dr appointments and go off arthritis meds that day. I'm really liking how the quilts are turning out. I will post better pictures when DH has time to help hang them and photograph them.
Happy Quilting,

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