Quilts for kids tops finished- My design wall

Yesterday I started and finished the quilt kit for Quilts for Kids. They ask that you send another quilt made from your stash. I had this Disappearing 9 Patch cut out, so today I finished it. If I ever make it down to the quilting machine, they can be loaded together on one backing for quilting. It is much faster that way. I'll either send back their backing, or use it on another charity project.

I haven't been quilting on the big machine, other than the small quilt for the railroad symposium. My stamina and pain tolerance aren't what they used to be, and one quilt on the long-arm usually costs me an additional day of rest (rather than doing the things I want). I only work 2-3 hours in a day, with a rest time each hour, but it still is a problem. I'm having my second total knee the end of the year, and I'm hoping things will be better. I think we have found the problem, and fixed it, that created the slow, and incomplete recovery with the first knee. I feel as if I've let down the Heartstrings Quilt Project, because I have more tops here to finish, but it is taking a long time. I WILL finish them, later if not sooner. Right now I'm trying to finish up Christmas presents, as I will have have to stop some medications mid-December, so need to finish soon.
Happy Quilting,
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Mary said…
Very cute!

Becky, you've done a lot of quilts for HeartStrings so don't feel like you've let anyone down. Do them as you're able and if you feel that it's too much and you're not going to be able to finish them over time -- you can send them to me and then jump back in when you're ready. Whatever works for you is great.
JuJu said…
Take care of yourself first Becky, quilting for others will come later. Just keep smiling!!--Julia, NE
bingo~bonnie said…
Your "Quilt for Kids" turned out really cute and you are super fast to work it up in just one day. I think that is smart about using one big backing and load 2 on the machine at once. I'm sure they won't mind at all ;)

This project is on my list for 2010 after I complete my Crayola project due in Feb first!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie
Scrappy-Quilter said…
what a wonderful thing you are doing = I haven't heard of quilts for kids or done a heartstrings quilt. I will need to check into those organizations for next years list of to-dos.
I hope your second knee surgery does the trick and helps you get your strenght and mobility back.
I followed your link from Judy's site.

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