What's on my design wall 10/5/09

The train donation top is finished, and I started playing with the scraps for some back art. I don't know where I picked up this obsession of using up all the small scraps before I move on to another project. I'm sorry the train quilt picture is a little fuzzy, and the colors are closer to real in the backart picture. I hope to start quilting it tomorrow, so will have a finished picture in about 3 days (I hope).

Backyard update
I'm still playing in the back yard with iris transplanting. I became frustrated Saturday - I thought I would have the help of DGS - and he's such good help - but he had to go home too early. I was trying to hold an iris with my grabber in one hand, and use the hoe to pull dirt over the rhizomes. DH came home, and I asked him to come outside in about 20 minutes and help me stand up. Then I did what I call the "Mom Ackley" way of gardening. She sat on a cushion and inched her way down thru the garden area. She was, however, able to take off one leg to get it out of the way. It was probably quite a show when DH came out and tried to help me up. I can't get my feet back under me to be pulled up. I finally scooted on my bottom down to a swale in the yard so my feet were lower than my bottom, and then he pulled me up. Note to self: Don't get down on the ground when you are alone. I sure hope when I have the second knee done, I will be able to kneel.

Happy quilting,
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Mary said…
I think that looks good, double Flying geese...hmmmm, my head is thinking thos would be good to do on my currnt project...
SarahVee said…
I love what you're working on for the back of the quilt. Best of luck with it.

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