V & T train quilt to new owner

The train quilt was finished, and delivered to the Friends of the Nevada State Railroad Museum for their silent auction last weekend. It made $125, which I thought was good for a drag-around size. We had two grandparents striving for it, so it went higher than I expected. I did, however, tell my husband he had to buy it if it didn't go for at least $75. I didn't have to worry. It was won by a quilter / grandma for her grandson, and the quilt was being sent back to Missouri, but to St. Louis this time. People seemed to enjoy the back art big star, made from scraps, so I may have to rethink always using one-piece backs for my quilts. When I was quilting this quilt, I didn't have problems with the dreaded "baggy back". I did pay attention while loading it so I could center the star left-to-right. I deliberately didn't center it top to bottom. I'm holding it upside down, so the extra on the bottom would tuck in and still leave the whole big star on the top of the bed.

I had a wonderful time at the symposium, which was over on Sunday after seeing the McKeene car nearly restored. We stayed over an extra day, and drove down to Gardnerville, NV to the quilt shop there. It was wonderful! They had a collection of antique sewing machines - and child sewing machines that was wonderful to see. On top of one set of shelves was an old, but beautiful Singer that appeared to be a chain stitcher. I have a Willcox and Gibbs, but have never seen the Singer one. It wasn't listed for sale. I did a planned buy - two pieces of light blue, a serendipity backing of flannel for the Cabin in the Woods (40% off), two fat quarter bundles - red and white for DGD2, and pinks (I'm out) for DGD1. That just left 2 one yard pieces of diagonal stripes to use for binding on the QOV tops I need to finish. I didn't plan to buy them, but didn't want to pass it up, either. We also took in the Windy Moon quilt shop in Reno. I would love to have that place near me, because they have lots and lots of stuff - some of the older fabrics and such. If I ran out of something needed to finish an older project, I might be able to find it here. I only bought one panel which is a bright colored train tote bag kit. DGD2 is using my basket to store Thomas (the tank engine) track and cars, and I would like it back! Hopefully I can finish this for her for Christmas. Who knows what I would have purchased if I had more luggage space. I had carried on the quilt, and the fabric purchases just fit in that space.
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Helen in the UK said…
What a great quilt! No wonder a couple of people were 'fighting' over it :)

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