Back art finished, creeping crud

The picture above, left, has now become the picture on the right, so the back art is now finished. I hope I feel good enough tomorrow to load the front, bottom left, and the back on the quilting machine. I'm in a quandary how to quilt it. I was going to quilt it following the piecing lines, such as Mary
has done on the Heartstrings Happy blocks, but my center patches are 6" rather than the usual 4", so I thought I would have to quilt in the centers. Then the border is 8 1/2", so now what should I do? The train fabric has little swirls with 4 dots, almost like a bass cleft, including the border fabric. I suppose I could fall back on my swirls templates, but they will really mask the train blocks, and seem to make a quilt less puffy than I would like. Maybe I should try a panto?? Any comments /ideas would be helpful. DH asked if I was binding it all on by machine, but I think I want to hand turn it if I can. I think I can eke out enough binding from the last of the lime green fabric - I hope. This trying to use up every last bit of fabric from one project can really cut you close.
Creeping Crud
For the last four weeks I have been taking care of DH, then DGD#2 with all their respiratory viruses, pneumonia, etc. Why now, when they are nearly well, do I have to come down with it? I started antibiotics and breathing treatments yesterday, so hopefully I will have enough energy to quilt this top tomorrow, and sew the binding on. I may be finishing it on the plane, as we leave Thursday for the V & T symposium.
Happy quilting,

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