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A Stashbuster member asked me to put some pictures up on how I made my labels. This is NOT my idea - someone else came up with this quick way to do labels.
#1 - I use Word to make the label to print on "Miracle fabric sheets". I start 5" down from the top of the page. As I add information, I make the lines shorter, and centered, so they will fit into a triangle.
#2 - After printing the label on fabric, heat-setting, rinsing, drying and ironing the label, I fold it in half.

#3 - I use a 6" bias square and line it up on the fold, then rotary cut it on both sides.
#4 - You end up with a triangle of fabric 2 layers thick with the fold at the top.
#5 - Put the label in the corner of the quilt you want to label, and sew it in with the binding. You can slip-stitch the top down if you want. Some people suggest adding some pieces of the quilt fabric underneath the flap before sewing it down - to have some for repairs if needed.

Thanks to whoever first wrote about this method on Stashbusters. It is really easy and quick.

I usually buy my "Miracle Fabric Sheets" from They run a lot of sales, and I've never had any problems with their sheets. There are other good brands out there, but there are also a few where the printing rubs off very quickly. This website also has good information about how to get the best results.
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doni said…
Good Explanation! I haven't bought the computer printer fabric so I simply print out my paper label and use a light table to print it with a Micron pen onto fabric. Then I connect it the same way you do! I kind-of like triangle labels now!

doni @ Oregon coast
bingo~bonnie said…
what a georgous fabric for backing!!! Love it! and I also use the corner method - but I've never printed out a label before - instead I take a 5" nickel and fold diagonally and press it and do the same as you sewing it into the corner as I attach my binding. ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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