Big Star Buffalo Quilt delivered

We returned last night (early this morning) from visiting friends in Coeur d'Alene. The picture above is when we were out on the boat in the lake. It was so beautiful. The weather was overcast, which allowed me to take lots of pictures to use as examples of landscape colors in toned colors. It also made it very comfortable (temperature-wise), and it didn't increase my sunburn.
I delivered the big star buffalo quilt to our friends, Chris and Patty. Chris said he moved to Idaho so he could have a buffalo ranch, but right now the only buffalo are in the various decorations around their house. Maybe someday. They both loved the quilt. We are holding it over the edge of the loft in their home, where you can spend the day just enjoying the view from the living room, as most of the two outside walls are huge glass windows.
A few people have asked for directions for the Big Star, so I think I will do a tutorial, but not for a few days. Instead of a brief flight from Spokane to Seattle, then a non-stop home to Kansas City, the airline delayed the first flight, so the connection was out of the picture. They then re-routed us to Las Vegas, to Denver, then finally home after a 4 1/2 hour layover in Denver, and a race for the flight in Vegas. Going out the trip was great, all on time. I'm still really tired, so this is the extent of trying to write on the computer today. Hopefully I will be back to quilting tomorrow.
Happy Quilting,
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