What's on my design wall 8/10/09

What's on my design wall? Nothing! That's because I finished the top of the big star last night, and now it's waiting on the cutting table to go down the street to quilt it. The only problem is I have to spend a couple of hours finishing the quilt that's on the long arm before I can do this one. I have lots to do today and tomorrow, so it looks like Wednesday will be the day to start. I have to meet with the Senator's constituent person tonight to voice my opinion of the health care bill. I think we will need to go a bit early to actually get in to the library where it is being held. I hope we are listened to, but I doubt it. It seems that political minds are already made up. I hope they have to run for re-election soon! Happy quilting! Becky

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Mary said…
Congrats on clearing your Wall this week. Are those MINI quilts that are shown? Have fun trying to voice your opinions.

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