What's on my design wall 8/03/09

There's not much change on the design walls. DH's son was visiting most of the week, so we did other things. I did finish the blocks on the left which make up the second border. I need to cut the two borders and put it all together. That's not the fun part for me, but if I want to finish by Labor Day, I need to get busy quick.
Today I went with my DIL's aunt (MM) for her first class with her new Brother machine. It was most helpful, and we taught my DGS (10) to help her with it. He took off the throat plate to clean the machine, and then put it back on, changed a bobbin, and learned how to change the presser feet. MM has CP, so a more nimble set of hands is helpful with some of the small stuff. After the class, I took MM to where my quilting machine is located - no stairs - and she watched me load the top she made, and start quilting it. It is a Turning Twenty, a good start for a first big quilt. I have another simple quilt cut out for her so she has something else to work on. It would have been nice if I had remembered to send it home with her. Maybe DGD and I can go visit tomorrow and take it to her.
Happy Quilting,
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Michelle said…
That red star is gorgeous!

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