The top's finished

The top of the reunion quilt is together! Now all I have to do is find time to go down the street to the quilting machine and quilt it, then bind it by the 18th of July. Thanks to all those who commented on setting and borders. I did rearrange the blocks to spread out the pieced blocks, and I think it is nicer. I found a black fabric with a little blue for a stop border. In real life it does show up against that top dark block. My DH asked me who would get "custody" of this quilt. One of my cousins from Oklahoma was always so good to my mother. She lost her own mother, my mother's sister, when she was about 20. She always visited my mom, and sent tickets, etc, for mother to go to Oklahoma to be the "grandmother" in her son's wedding. She is always generous with her time, and was one of the two coordinators of the reunion in 1997. If she wants it, I think she will be a good caretaker, and pass it on to family.

My DD came over Tuesday, and entered all the old pictures mentioned before into photoshop, made them beautiful, and saved them in files. I need to pick up CDs this weekend so we can download the files and make 20-25 copies. We need to do this with our family photos as well, but not this week.
Happy Quilting,
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Bonnie said…

This looks great! You've done a terrific job on it. I really like the thin "stop" border. I use those a lot too. I got almost nothing quilty done yesterday. Of course, I did have my dd and dsil here so that might explain it! Bonnie

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