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I've taken down the rolling stars, and put up all the Stashbusters ugly fabric / Sunshine challenge blocks I've made so far. I really liked Bradford's Beauty, so ended up making 3 different blocks with that pattern. I like all of them, but the second block in the second row is my favorite, so far. I think I need to make quite a few more blocks if I'm going to make a king size of these. I think some sashing will be needed, or some type of unique setting. I plan on making quite a few more 6" blocks to add to the mix.
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Judy said…
Isn't the Stashbuster BOM a fun project??? Your blocks are great. It's going to make an awesome quilt.
Renate said…
Becky, your blocks are beautiful. I am impressed.
Brenda said…
These are 'ugly'????!!! Uh, No They Are Not!!!
They look great!!! And if you are making a king size, by the time you make them, they are going to be an absoutly fantastic collection of blks!!! And mixing them with the 6" ones is going to be wounderful to look at!
Roberta said…
This quilt is going to be beautiful! I absolutely love your focus fabric! Do you remember if it is a recent fabric? The brand? I would love to hunt for some. Yummy!

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