Ugly fabric challenge / Be careful what you wish for

After my Dr appointment today, I decided to work on more of the Stashbuster Ugly blocks for June and July. The top right is the remake of the Illinois block, with the "wrong" one below it. Corn and Beans, middle top, was a bear until I noticed on the last few seams that I had failed to replace the single stitch throat plate after doing the mending that needed zigzag stitches. What a difference it makes! I also gave my machine a new needle since I was seeing green dots on stitches, and my thread was grey and ecru. Amazing - good stitches. I finished the bottom center a few days ago, so the only one left was Bradford's Beauty - the left ones. The top one I followed the coloring in the files on Stashbuster, but I also looked it up in the Marti Michell template books, so I had to make the bottom one with her coloring. The fabrics are mostly the same in both blocks, just changed location of lights and darks. I love what that does. I want to make at least one more with a diagonal dark 9-patch in the corners. I haven't figured it all out yet, but it is intriguing. I think I could make a whole quilt with this block. Stop thinking that - too many other quilts to make.

I did see the eye surgeon today. My eyes have stabilized, so they were able to give me a prescription for glasses, as I had hoped and wished for. The only problem is I want to reuse my old frames - they are only about a year old and I actually like them. I had to give them up, and am now trying to see with my old computer glasses. It gives me about the equivalent of mono-vision. One eye can see far, one near. Far's not bad, but reading is difficult. I applaud those of you who can adjust to mono-vision. I imagine you could also adjust to the ReStor lenses I had. My brain just wants to see the same thing with both eyes corrected to be equal. I chose "Progressives" (no-line) to have different "powers" without lines. So now I just have another week to 10 days to wait, but with lousy close vision. Give me patience NOW!
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