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[Aside] I have no idea how these four pictures will actually show up on this blog. So far I haven't figured out the secret to loading them in the place I want.
Last week DH was very early for his Dr. appointment, and saw a sign for a garage sale near the office. He saw a sewing machine, so decided to check it out. He called me while I was shopping for a new sewing machine for a handicapped friend, so I didn't talk much, just told him to use his judgement. When I arrived home, these two machines were here. The first one is a beautiful Singer - I think 99 - in a cabinet with an inlay front door. The front of the machine has the more intricate plate. It needs some dusting and cleaning, but the decals are in perfect condition. It doesn't look as if anyone ever sewed on it, no pin scratches, or such. The second machine (too heavy for me to lift right now and DH isn't home) is in the same beautiful shape. It also has the decals that say made in Great Britain. The plug has been changed - I assume for USA power. The dome case is in beautiful shape and has the key! We have 2 other dome cases, but this is the first with its key. One machine DH dated to 1936, the other is early 1950s.
We're not actually collecting sewing machines, it just seems like it. Actually, I would like to have several straight stitchers to teach grands to sew on, then be able to give them the machine to take home. It's wonderful that DH can restore them functionally. One of our first projects together, 3 years or so ago, was combining our two treadle machines to one. He told me he didn't consider the project complete unless the item worked. My table was good, but the machine was rough - the decals were almost off - and he had a machine that had much better decals but not as fancy a table. We put his machine in my refinished table, sold the pieces and parts of the second machine, and then I finished up the second treadle into a table that I use for a nightstand.

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