It arrived!!!

It's my new SEW-EZI table! I'm so excited, and it's purple! I had this on my Christmas wish list last year, but after finding out how much they cost, DH and I decided not to order one. Then I went to the Nebraska Sew-in for HeartStrings and worked on a standard table. When I returned home, I told my DH that I wanted the Sew Ezi back on my list, that I wouldn't go to another retreat / sew-in without one. (He was very nice and gave me a gift certificate for a massage to get the kinks out of my neck and shoulder.) My birthday was last week, and this arrived today. DH had enclosed the email order in my birthday card. I have such a good DH; I hope you have one, too.
Happy quilting,


Mary said…
You know I was just thinking about one of those today but I don't go to any sewing events other than our HeartStrings so it seems a little excessive for that.

I was so excite to read that you may make it to Maine too...I think you, Jay, and I should just travel around the country ...maybe I can talk Sheree into joining us!
Teaquilts said…
Becky you will enjoy your Sew EZi table. I've had mine for a few years and I actually sew with mine around the house as well. Sometimes I just don't want to be stuck in the sewing studio and will put in in the bedroom to sew. Also, the staff are wonderful. I lost my wheel hub and they gave me 4 for free at a show.
Pat H. said…
I've had my Sew EZI table for a few years now and love it. It's so convenient to take with and when I'm not going to sew for a while, it tucks away behind a cabinet or into the closet taking up minimal space. Just love it! I've got the spacers and tops for my Featherweight, Pfaff and Bernina.

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