Busy but finally mailing

The box is taped, labeled, and sitting by the front door for tomorrow's pick-up by our mail carrier. Four of these are out of the HeartStrings red-white-blue Chinese Coins project. The right top one uses some of the HeartStrings R-W-B swap blocks, and some other donated blocks. I nearly had heart failure when I was quickly hanging these for DH to photograph - one of the blue stars had run. Off it went to the washer and Synthropol - and it worked!! They are all washed, ready for cuddling. I still have the basket-weave top and another funky caterpillars top to put borders on, quilt, and bind. I decided to put these five, with pillowcases, in the mail to meet Alycia's deadline, and will finished the others soon. I forgot about labels, sorry Alycia. I meant to at least write on the quilts, but I forgot that, too.
I'm excited about attending the Nebraska HeartStrings sew-in next weekend. We are going to the quilt study museum (it has a fancier name) in Lincoln on Friday, then sew on Saturday. I may need to stay over until Sunday to drive home in the daylight. It will be fun to meet all these HeartStringers I think I already know and count as friends.
I had what I hope is good news today. I met with an eye surgeon who is willing to "exchange" my intraocular lens implants. I've had very fuzzy vision, and little "low light" vision since my cataract surgery, which was 3 years ago. They kept saying my brain would adjust to these implants, but it hasn't happened. I still see the rings of the implants as huge halos from every light or reflected light. At least I learned I'm not crazy - it seems to happen in about 10% of patients with the ReStor lens. I haven't been able to drive at night since that surgery. It was the final thing that made me not able to work in Surgery - you either have a lot of reflected light, or low light when cases are performed with scopes. I had to come to terms with the fact that I was unsafe, for my patients as well as myself, in that environment. It will take two more surgeries, but hopefully I will have clearer vision by summer. I'm not holding my breath, though, I am an OR nurse, and we seem to be a magnet for complications.
I hope you HeartStringers like what I have created with your Chinese Coins. It has been very interesting, and I have enough left for 2-3 other quilts for more Quilt of Valor. I did use some of them making cuffs for some of the pillowcases.
Happy Quilting,


Mary said…
I love all of them Becky and was packing up quilts for Alycia today too. It feels good to be sending these quilts to wounded soldiers and helping Alycia surpass her goal.

I know what you mean about complications finding you -- as a nurse, it seems like the more you know the at risk you are! I hope your results with the additional surgeries will be better and what you hope for.

See you in a couple weeks - Sheree and I are planning to stay Saturday night and drive back Sunday.
Ann said…
These quilts look great! I'm so amazed at your creativity in putting all the coin sections together.

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