The blues have it!

I cut and fiddled on the design wall trying out everyone's suggestions. I ended up with the blue paisley. I was really trying to make the center glow, but the yellow I had just died - no luminosity in that one. So this is the layout. I have one more row of strings, alternate blocks, and setting triangles, but that would involve standing on a ladder to reach, so you just have to imagine those. Thank you to all that responded with your advice and suggestions!! Now if I can just piece it together without turning blocks the wrong way!

Happy Quilting,

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Helen in the UK said…
Followed the link on HeartStrings to see what you were up to with the coins. I see you've solved your problem. Love the blue you've chosen it really sets the blocks off well. Good luck with the stitching :)
Miri said…
I agree with Helen, the blue does set the blocks off well.

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