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Busy but finally mailing

The box is taped, labeled, and sitting by the front door for tomorrow's pick-up by our mail carrier. Four of these are out of the HeartStrings red-white-blue Chinese Coins project. The right top one uses some of the HeartStrings R-W-B swap blocks, and some other donated blocks. I nearly had heart failure when I was quickly hanging these for DH to photograph - one of the blue stars had run. Off it went to the washer and Synthropol - and it worked!! They are all washed, ready for cuddling. I still have the basket-weave top and another funky caterpillars top to put borders on, quilt, and bind. I decided to put these five, with pillowcases, in the mail to meet Alycia's deadline, and will finished the others soon. I forgot about labels, sorry Alycia. I meant to at least write on the quilts, but I forgot that, too. I'm excited about attending the Nebraska HeartStrings sew-in next weekend. We are going to the quilt study museum (it has a fancier name) in Lincoln on Fri…

The blues have it!

I cut and fiddled on the design wall trying out everyone's suggestions. I ended up with the blue paisley. I was really trying to make the center glow, but the yellow I had just died - no luminosity in that one. So this is the layout. I have one more row of strings, alternate blocks, and setting triangles, but that would involve standing on a ladder to reach, so you just have to imagine those. Thank you to all that responded with your advice and suggestions!! Now if I can just piece it together without turning blocks the wrong way!

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I need a bit of help

I'm working with another set of Chinese coins made by a HeartStringer last year. I'm really enjoying this grouping as it is a nice change from the others. These did not play well with the others, but are beautiful on their own . I tried to load a larger picture so you could click it. If you do, you will see pink, toile in red and cream, toile in blue and buttery yellow, and a variety of reds, blues, and gold-browns. There are flowers and geometrics, with some damask roses thrown in. These do not say "hurly, burly man", but instead "girly girl". I just love them.
As I was trying them on for different projects, I remembered that Mary posted a picture of a basket weave HeartStrings quilt. I thought these would look good in that. When I measured out the strips, almost all of them were about 11-12" long, just right to make into 5 1/2" squares. I tried setting them as a basket weave, but there wasn't enough of them to make that work in the QOV size. …