Funky Caterpillars

I've started working with the Red, White, and Blue Chinese coins that were made by my fellow HeartStringers. I have two finished , and one I still need to take a picture of that I call string X-X. I also quilted another top made out of some swap blocks and extra blocks I had. Pictures of those later. This must be the 4th or 5th funky caterpillars I've made. This time I tried varying the setting squares. The one in the center isn't that bright in real life. The swirly fabric was one I've had a long time and couldn't figure out how to use, but I love the swirls in this setting.
I'm trimming some more Chinese Coins, ,and plan to put them together today. I'm also planning to trim up the one I finished quilting yesterday and make binding. I will be sitting with our Guild's opportunity quilt some this weekend to sell tickets during Shop Hop. I'm hoping to be able to see well enough to turn binding while I'm there, so I can mail these quilts on to Alycia.
Happy Quilting,


Anonymous said…
Love your R/W/B chinese coin quilt. Where did you find the Uncle Sam in the middle?

Great Job! It would look perfect in my family room!

I just signed up to follow your quilt. However I didn't see any other way to do it except to get it on RSS on my Yahoo Home Page. Good blog.
Mary said…
I guess you're getting tired of the zig zag coins but this one looks great too. I think the RWB coins look great in this setting.

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