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Doll capes finished, no quilting

Since DGD#2 shared her respiratory germs, little has been accomplished on the sewing field. I did finally almost finish the two doll capes made from stretch velvet and silk. I ended up doing a lot of the sewing of the "blue on blue" one by hand. They still both need a good pressing, and I need to figure out a closure that little hands can work. I'm thinking double buttons and a loop of elastic they can slip over the buttons. If you have other ideas, please share with me.

I would like to finish up the disappearing 9 patch (D9P) that is behind them, but time will be limited. DGD#2 has eye surgery tomorrow, and I imagine we will be spending a lot of time in the rocking chair the next few days. Her mother (DD) is not very good at handling things that hurt and might involve blood. In my other life I spent 36 years in the Operating Room, so they don't really phase me too much, besides, I have the best time with the cuddle bug! The only thing is waking up at 050…

Not much sewing going on.

January has been a quiet month here with not a lot of activity. This aging really slows down recovery from almost everything. DH was rear-ended yesterday, so he's really feeling it now. I hope he can make a full recovery, he's always so active. I did finish up this UFO - the blocks for this one were started 10+ years ago. One of my quilting friends chopped up a lot of fabric for Stack and Whack blocks, and had a bunch of scraps. I ended up cutting out star points from the left-overs and put them in a bag. I periodically cut out the backgrounds, again from scraps of that first quilt, and would make a block or two when I just wanted to do something quick. I have another top that looks about the same, but is 12" blocks. This one is 6". I quilted this using the Circle Lord for concentric circles (first attempt). I like the look, but it is "slower" than an overall. I'm trying to change my thinking around to realizing that I can spend as much time quilting a …

January clean-up

It seems that many people on the Stashbusters list are sorting and cleaning their quilt studios, or at least their stash repositories. I, too, managed to stack a lot of stuff on every horizontal surface, so have been working a few minutes a day in making the room usable.

While we were building this house (we bought it when it was in progress), I really worried about where all my stash would go. There are very few closets, so I had to make use of what was here. The only closet in the hobby room is 24" deep. I had the builder leave off the trim on the backside of the opening so we could fit 24" wire shelves in the closet. One of the vendors at work (Operating Room) helped me obtain heavy duty shelves that just fit the closet. It was quite a sight watching my husband - then fiancĂ©e - and his friend build the shelves inside the closet as there was no room to assemble them anyplace else. The hardest thing at the time was telling them how much room to leave between shelves. I did u…