Santa's helper busy, busy

Santa's workshop is at my house. I have been busy downstairs in the shop "helping" with DH's desk project for the railroad, and making doll beds (2). I'm using a pattern drawn off a bed my father made for my daughter. It feels really good to be making something that he had made. I start the staining tomorrow, and will post pictures when they are finished.
I've started on the mattresses and quilts. The one on the left is from left-overs of left-overs from DGD#1 baby quilts and then big bed quilts. The color is off - it is a softer lavender. I quilted it by trying Dawn's "daisy" from her DVD. I really need to figure out how to add a link, but not tonight. It is very nice to have the Nolting on the new table and working so well. Now if the operator would guide better I could have some great quilts. Learning curves - ugh.

I don't know how purse making blossomed. DD brought over a pair of DGD's hand-me-down jeans to see if I could fix the zipper. She had managed to not only break off the zipper pull, but also the "hole" that it attaches to on the zipper itself. These are toddler size 2 jeans, so I wasn't about to take the time to replace a zipper in pants she would wear for a month or so. They had cute hearts on the back pockets, and a heart on the front, so I decided they would look good as a purse. DD saw it and soon gifted me with more clothes to use. We have 2 grandnieces that are here on Christmas Eve, as well as the 2 DGDs, so these gifts are finished, ready to go. The 2 nieces will find a gift card in the pocket of theirs.
We brought in the Christmas tree tonight, and the lights are on, but that's it. Everything seems to take longer these days. I'm off arthritis medicine for a month, and it definitely impacts my output. Hopefully tests will go well, and I can start taking them again the first of the year. DH and I are going to Disneyland and the Road to California quilt show in January, so I want to be in tip top shape - at least as good of shape as possible.
Happy quilting


Kathy Wagner said…
Great bags! I'm sure they will be a big hit with the girls!
Mary said…
These are really cute! I'm pretty boring in that I don't sew anything but quilts. Oh wait, I did learn how to make pillowcases!
Alycia said…
Becky - those bags are great! They will be thrilled. Have a good time and smile for Mickey!

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