Doll cradle #2 finished

To the left is Granddaughter #1's (4 y.o.) big bed quilt. When I finished it I had cut offs that were all different sizes. I kept sewing them to each other, ending up with a long strip of 1-1/2" pieces. I sewed them to the sage green strips (leftovers from the borders), and made simple rail fence blocks. They sat in a box as a UFO until a little bit ago. Now they are the pillow and quilt for the new doll cradle Santa will bring. There were enough left to make one other small quilt, so it will be used as well.
Tomorrow the polyurethane should be dry on the doll beds DH and I made, so they will also have to mattresses, quilts, and pillows. More pictures tomorrow.
Happy Quilting and a Merry Christmas,


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