Pillowcases finished for QOV

I thought I was ready to pack up the Quilts of Valor that I finished last week, but then realized I didn't have pillowcases for them. I used some donated fabric, and made 4 pillowcases. They are all the same, and I don't know if I like it that way or not, but I'm not making more tonight!

We spent Thursday and Friday taking the long arm machine and portions of the table up to Nolting in Iowa. They "fine tuned" the machine, and we traded parts to make our table a true 24" table. DH doesn't have time to reassemble it for a few days, so I am trying to be patient waiting, and waiting, and waiting. He thinks he will be able to do it Tuesday. I really need to finish some things for Christmas, so I hope everything goes together well. We kept all the 14' pieces here and traded out the rest, but DH will have to do some milling on some of the parts to make everything fit. He is able to do all that, but it does take time.

We visited the Pine Needle quilt shop in Cedar Rapids while we waited for the machine. I thought it was destined when their name and location came up on Ricky Tims' newsletter site last week. The shop is bright and cheery. I found some fabric I "needed" to try one of the projects in a new quilt book on woven quilts. I want to try to replicate one in the book before I try my own thing. I'm so traditional, it is really hard to step out and try things more artsy.

I hope everyone has a good holiday (USA), and is able to enjoy friends and family.
Happy Quilting

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