I've finished up some of the RWB Chinese Coins quilts from HeartStrings donations. I think I've posted pictures of the tops before, but these are finally ALL finished!! The top left one is a Disappearing 9-patch that I pieced at Retreat in February. I quilted it with meandering stars and loops.

The lower left one is the first Funky Caterpillars from the RWB coins. I quilted it with the swirls giant template from Circle Lord. The top right one is a string-X. I really enjoyed making it from sets of 4 CC strips. I call it the "Soldier quilt" I quilted freehand stars and loops on it as well.

The lower right one is also a String-X, but with sashing. This is the first time I tried quilting spirals with the Circle Lord frame so I could center the swirls in each block. While I like its appearance well enough, I didn't like all the starts and stops - then going back and burying all the ends. I think I need to do a few more with this template and see if I can figure out how to do it more efficiently. I never was one to "doodle", and definitely can't draw anything recognizable, so my learning curve on the long-arm is really long!
These quilts will all go in the mail after washing to Alycia for her Quilts of Valor goal. It was great working with all the Heartstrings Chinese Coins. I'm taking a break from them until after the Holidays. I should be able to make 8-10 more from the strips that were made and sent to me. I have most of them "mixed", and sewn into long strips to cut different variations of Funky Caterpillars. So far each quilt is slightly different - so I'm still meeting that personal goal.
Happy quilting,


Kathy Wagner said…
Love the caterpillars...look forward to seeing more of them!
Alycia said…
Great Job Becky!! They all look so nice!
Mary said…
I like my Swirls template because of the continuous design - I haven't used the spirals yet just for the reasons you mentioned.

I keep saying I need to piece more coins quilts but something else seems to come first in line. I've decided that I'll work on coins at the next sew-in...and maybe get another top pieced before that too.

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