Time out for a fun UFO

I've been quilting on on the long-arm the last few days, but took time today - and the last few evenings - to work on this UFO. I cut two of these out last summer (2007) when I was cutting out some other Winding Ways blocks. I put them in a drawer, and only remembered them in late October. I saw them in the drawer a few days ago, and decided I should probably work on them if I wanted them for this Halloween. It's now a flimsy, and I think I will have time tomorrow to quilt it. I had planned on using circles to quilt this, but this quilt doesn't have the overlapping visual circles that you often see with Winding Ways. This is the Medallion quilt setting from Nancy Elliott MacDonald's book Winding Ways Quilts (I love the matching templates), so I need to figure another way to quilt it. I'm open to any suggestions!!!

I've been working on quilting Chinese Coins Quilts of Valor, and have 3 ready for binding. I'm attending the AQS show in Des Moines, Iowa next week, and will have 3 evenings in the hotel. I don't drive after dark, so I'm taking my Ott light and binding to turn while I sit with my feet up. That does, however, mean I have to apply binding to three quilts before I leave next Tuesday.

I almost "had" to buy fabric for the Chinese Coins - against my Stashbuster goals. I really wanted navy fabric for the binding on 2 of the CCs. I mentioned it to my friend Rose - who gave me all the other red, white, and blue fabric - and she came up with about 3 yards of navy Kona cotton that will work just great!

Okay, enough dawdling - I'm off to trim up edges and make binding!

Happy Quilting,

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