Picture of the finished string quilt with Hearts

Someone asked about posting a link to the previous photo I had on this blog for this quilt made from HeartStrings purple project group blocks. I did quilt it, finally, with spirals of course. It is bound, labeled, and off to be auctioned at a Friends United fund raiser. This group takes educational materials, including computers and the like, to Honduras. I'm quilting another top that was donated for them as well.

I want to make sure and give credit to Evelyn Sloppy for the pattern for the Hearts in this quilt. I've owned her book (Log Cabins, I think) for a long time. When I posted pictures of these blocks for help with settings, many HeartStringers asked for the pattern. Evelyn Sloppy's book was out of print, but she graciously gave us permission to post the pattern on the Heartstrings website. A few weeks later I noticed it was on the Martingale Publishing site as a free pattern. What a neat lady!
Happy quilting,

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Ruthie said…
I love the spirals on your heart quilt.
Helen in the UK said…
This has turned out great! Hope it raises a lot for the charity :)
Anonymous said…

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