Halloween UFO finish

Ghosts and goblins have shown up for Halloween!

Two bolts of cotton batting were delivered yesterday, and they are sitting in the entry, waiting for me to haul them down the street to the quilting machine. I decided they would make good ghosts, so cut out some scrap eyes, pinned them to sheets, and the "ghosts" held the candy. We don't have many Trick or Treaters, but I still enjoy the few that come. It was the first T or T for the DGD#2, who is two, and she seemed to enjoy it. She spent yesterday and part of today being sick at Gma's, so she only went to a few houses with her cousins. I doubt she will be allowed to try any of her candy.
I hung the two Halloween quilts on the photo backdrop holder, lowered so little people could see it. I really don't like how you can see into half the house from the front door, so the quilts fixed that problem. I actually finished the Medallion Winding Ways quilt. I quilted it with a lime green spiderweb. My DH wanted me to add a spider, but I think it is fine without it. The grins and eyes of the jack-o-lanterns and the skeletons glow in the dark. If I had thought of it in time, I would have quilted it with glow-in-the-dark thread. I was just glad to finish it - I cut it out for last year, then promptly forgot to make it. I cut out two, so there is still one more to finish. DGD#2 will like it just as well next year. The one in the picture went home with the other two grands tonight. I hope your Halloween was fun and safe.
Happy Quilting,


Kathy Wagner said…
Love your Halloween quilts!
And I really love the Winding Ways Halloween version! I just made one in country colours, and now I want to make one like yours!
Great idea for the quilting too!
Quilty bird said…
I love your Halloween applique quilt.

Re: decorating. You can make free pumpkins for fall by wrapping an orange FQ around a roll of toilet paper. Then, fold up a green FQ stem and push it in one end. (The ends of the orange FQ will be pushed into the same top hole and held in place by the green.

I figure anyone who decorates her batting roll might appreciate the above idea.
Mary said…
Very cute! We didn't get a single Trick or Treater last night - I'm sending the candy to work with Keith on Monday so I don't eat it all!
Anonymous said…
I love your soda fountain shop in your home! How nostalgic! Hey, do you make chocolate egg creams? If so, I'm coming! Your quilts are wonderful also - so cheerful. I can't wait to see more of your work.
Roberta in Central NY

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