Grrr, I don't like sewing

This is our guest room / soda fountain / photo studio / crews' quarters, and a place for my husband to house some of his antiques. About 6 months before he moved from California (3 years ago), he found out he liked woodworking. He built this room, minus the sheetrock and silestone. I did a lot of "holding", a lot of cleaning of the antique stove, the tile work, and part of the finishing of woodwork.

The only thing of mine in the room is the rocking chair (the little red one is his). You can see into the bathroom / darkroom. To the right just out of the picture is one of the entrances into the railroad room, and then there is a Murphy bed he built. We move the table and chairs, and guests have a place to sleep. If you're into railroads, here is a link to DH's Website.

What does this have to do with hating sewing? I'm a quilter, not a "sewist"!

You may have noticed the Coke theme. We didn't have to buy all that stuff, DH already had it. We did buy the fountain stools and the ice cream table and chairs. They have very hard seats. The stools now have soft, comfortable, MISERABLE TO MAKE cushions. We bought the fabric a year or so ago. I finally made them as a birthday surprise while DH is out of town. This has taken 2 1/2 days, with 2 trips to JoAnn's fabrics for piping (I wish I had remembered the formula for circumference wasn't the same as figuring the diagonal of a quilt block earlier). The bad news is that I still have 4 more to make for the chairs. I don't think I'll be able to finish them before 1830 tomorrow when he returns. Maybe by his next birthday!

Don, if you happen to read this before you go downstairs, Happy Birthday!
Happy quilting (it's much better than sewing),


Mary said…
I don't sew - at all. I never did any sewing before I started quilting and that hasn't changed in 8 years.
JuJu said…
Becky, love the photos ... my hubby is a ex HO scale man, still have all his trains, just no place to run them. Actually, he lost interest in the hobby. But was very active in a local railroad club for many years.

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