Quick update on CC#3 - Half-way

Yesterday was another day of Gma's summer camp, so not much progress on CC#3. I was able to sash the blocks I had finished - I'm half-way. By using the cream corners and the bright blue, I was trying for the effect of depth - like looking out a window, but still seeing the frame as closer. It "kinda" looks that way on the design wall, but not so much in the picture. I have most of Joen Wolfrom's books, and I love what she does with depth, illusions, etc., but I don't seem to be able to duplicate it on my own. I hope to take a class with her one day. I was reading this blog today, http://www.elaineadairpieces.blogspot.com/ and was so impressed at the change in her Kaleidoscope quilts after she had taken a class on value. Wow! Impressive! No DGKs today, so I may be able to finish CC#3. DH returns late tonight so I have most of the day to play!

Happy quilting!



Elaine Adair said…
Thanks for the comment, Becky, and welcome to Blogland. You have "No Reply" on your e-mail so I can't respond that way.

The pattern is really easy, but the VALUE blend thing on my Kaleodiscope #2, took a little time. While I didn't use one, those 'peepholes' or Ruby Beholder might be helpful for determining VALUE. My photo is a little too dark, but the colors are reds, brick reds, corals, and greens, a few dark blues and beiges, and various lights. I worked a few 'odd' ones in where possible, for fun. You have to keep looking to figure which is darker or lighter, but I learned a lot on this exercise.

Hey, you have a bunch of strings yourself! Have fun.

Thanks for dropping by.

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