If you remember, I set personal goals to meet while creating quilts out of the RWB Chinese Coins. One of them was to use up all the fabric in this bin, and I’ve made some progress, however some of it just ended up on the cutting table, although most of that is from the “stacks”.
I’ve told a few of my quilting friends about making QOV, and Rose decided she wanted to help. Right now she isn’t doing much sewing, but is trying to pare down her fabrics. She visited today, and this is what my ironing board looked like when she left. There is over 20 yards of fabric there! I think I’m going to have to make a lot of quilts.

I have been working on Funky Caterpillars 2. DH is gone tonight, but will help me Photoshop the pictures and add them to the test directions tomorrow and Friday. I thought you might like a progress picture. I’m really liking not having any waste!
Happy Quilting,


Babs said…
Hey! Looks amazing! I am not sure if you are keeping track, but the "coins" in the funky picture are from the ones I sent. It really looks amazing!

Mary said…
I love the RWB Caterpillar! I might just have to try one with some of the coins I still have here!
Alycia said…
Awesome!! I can;t wait to see what you make with it. You are SO creative!!
Helen in the UK said…
How wonderful that your friend could contribute some r/w/b fabrics to your efforts!
Am loving the sneaky peek at the new caterpillar quilt - look forward to seeing more soon :)

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