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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Progress on Funky Caterpillars

I know I said the tutorial for Funky Caterpillars would take about a week, but that was before I decided to rework the whole pattern. If you remember, the previous method ended up with a whole lot of waste, both of Chinese coins and background. With the help of my engineer husband, we were able to create the blocks / quilt in EQ6. I haven't worked with plane geometry formulas for angles since high school / college, so it is very nice to have a resident authority (DH) who works with them all the time.

So, this is the progress: The text part of the tutorial is written, in Word, and I have made test blocks to assure accuracy. I am now making the actual quilt, and DH is taking pictures whenever I ask of each step. I hope to finish that over the next couple of days. I'll move the pictures into the document, and then DH will put it in a PDF file so it will be downloadable. Then I will post it on blogger. Just a heads up, you will need a Tri-Recs template set to use in cutting funky caterpillars. It provides the angle for the zig-zag.

I'm really hoping the new tutorial will be worth the wait.

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Mary said...

I'm sure it will be well worth the wait and having the documents in PDF format is nice for people to print them out.