On to RWB CC #3

Mary, list mom of HeartStrings, sent me a message that she posted a link to my blog on the HS blog, so I thought I should catch up on my progress.

My DGC slept in yesterday, and I couldn't go back to sleep, so I tackled the borders on CC#1. It is now a flimsy, measured and labeled waiting for backing and quilting. I finished the 48 blocks for CC#3, and started sashing them last night. I'm about 1/3 done with them, and began thinking about my next top.

When I was quilting Sunday, my friend had some quilt books laying out. When I took a break, I thumbed through them. One was on scrappy quilts by Gayle Bong. http://tinyurl.com/6r7b52 There was a pattern there using Chinese Coins that was interesting, and I later found almost the same thing in my copy of Evelyn Sloppy's string book. http://tinyurl.com/62va36 I thought that would probably be my next layout, but the CC strips had another idea.

The RWB CC's are stacked on the back-side of my sewing table, in my line of vision when sewing. They have started to speak to me! There is this one group that is made up of lots of strips less than an inch thick. It contains one of my most favorite fabrics, medium-light blue with silver etching, along with many others that I also like (it's really hard to not like RWB). These strips are saying "We've been waiting patiently, isn't it our turn now? We may be skinny and a bit petite, but we really want to be caterpillars, pretty please?" I looked in the stacks of fabric, and found a big enough piece of blue clouds with tiny white stars, and another of blue skinny stripes, so I guess I will be nice to them, and let them be CC#4, funky caterpillars. http://tinyurl.com/6l56d7 The maker of these CC, has them in groups of 3 alike, so they lend themselves to this layout.
I've been asked for the funky caterpillars "pattern", so I previously made a rudimentary tutorial on my webshots. I'll try to redo it with this next quilt and put it in a pdf file and post it. Hopefully it will be easier to follow. Please give me about a week until you ask about it, I need DH's help and he is out of town.
Happy quilting,


Mary said…
I'm going to love #3 too! Thanks for the update.
Helen in the UK said…
I'm glad some of your CC sections are taking the lead and 'asking' to become particular patterns!! Sounds like they are really entering into the spirit of the challenge. Will be fun to see the reworked version of the tutorial :)

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